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Pingpongcountry at the Knot - Berlin

Let’s play ping-pong to the country music

A short introduction:
Take a table tennis bat and betake yourself to the table tennis table.
There you will meet like-minded individuals.
Ask when or whether a new round is going to start, or simply wait and enjoy the atmosphere – your childhood is already catching up with you.
Try again
You will quickly notice that your playing improves the more you drink.

The Art of Pingpongcountry is all about table tennis, country music and their continuous redefinition, and the representation of their visual register. One part of the project entails the Pingpongcountry action—nomen est omen, so to speak. Up to 15 people can play ‘round the table’. ‘Round the table’ is where two players face one another at opposite ends of the table. Having made successful ball contact, they have to run to the other end in order to play the ball once again. Each player has two lives: that means he can make two mistakes before he has to retire from the game. The last two remaining players play for victory in the final. The winner is the player who is the first to gain two points advantage. Then a new round begins. Just about anybody is able to play ‘round the table’, given that most people are familiar with the ‘round the table’ principle from their childhood.

The action is musically accompanied by country, which is played by Remco Schuurbiers and Bijan Dawallu (the organisers) in their role as record-playing entertainers.